The Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Academy

Organizations, and student organizations in particular, undergo constant change. One predictable change every group faces is the change in leadership. Chapter presidents are part of an elite group of leaders in the Fraternity. However, with the privileges of belonging to this unique group come certain responsibilities. Triangle’s National Organization recognized the need to make the transition of leadership as smooth as possible for the chapters. The Fraternity also saw the need to help chapter presidents develop and sharpen leadership skills that will impact their chapter, academic performance, and community.

After all, leadership skills are used in a variety of forms throughout one’s life. Developing these skills is a continual process. The effective leader must assemble a vision of a desired future state for the organization. While this task may be shared with other key members of the organization, it remains the leader's core responsibility and cannot be delegated. With a vision, the leader provides the all-important bridge from the present to the future of the organization.

After the leader creates a vision and mobilizes commitment, perhaps the most difficult challenge begins -- that of institutionalizing the new vision and mission.

The Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Academy was created to help Triangle’s newest leaders to develop their visions and implement them. The Steven L. Miller Presidents' Academy curriculum was designed to:

  • Educate Chapter Presidents about the national fraternity
  • Educate the Presidents on their positions and provide them with a greater understanding of the President’s responsibilities
  • Provide ideas for building an effective team of officers and tips and resources to assist the presidents in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  • Define who the Presidents want to be as individual leaders
  • Help the Presidents understand personal and organizational values
  • Improve the Presidents' ability to creatively, critically, and constructively think
  • Enable the Presidents to apply the above elements to their Fraternity chapter and community

Another important element of the Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Academy is the ability of the chapter presidents to interact with each other. Rather than reinventing the wheel at each campus, the chapter presidents can learn from the curriculum and each other to overcome obstacles and develop new resources for their chapters.

A fraternity is about the development of people and will only be as strong as its members. The extent of that strength will be based on the character of the people and the experiences and education that they have acquired. For Triangle and its chapters to be stronger, its membership must be developed to be better leaders, students, and citizens. Through the Steven L. Miller Presidents’ Academy, Triangle’s training in this area starts at the top of each chapter.

What Past Attendees Have Said

“I am very excited to see what I can do over the next year as president, and I feel as though this weekend of activities and discussions has given me the necessary tools to get started on the right track. On behalf of every brother who attended this workshop I thank you for your support.”
-- Cory Hudson csu03

“Over this past weekend the presidents of all the chapters meet to discuss the purpose of Triangle and to redefine the purpose of Triangle and to redefine this purpose to something that fits our modern times. We concluded: The purpose of Triangle is to develop balanced men in the fields of engineering, architecture, and science by providing an environment which fosters personal growth and professional success.”
-- John Gable ps99

“I have learned many new things while at the Presidents' Academy, which I will take back to Nebraska with me. I am going to use my new found knowledge and skills to lead my chapter, as well as, the national organization”
-- Josh Henderson neb02

“With the skills and ideas I acquired at this retreat, I fell confident that I can lead my pothers in the coming semesters.”
-- William Newkirk umbc00

“We were able to exchange ideas on how to foster stronger brotherhoods, how to operate chapters more effectively, and how to ping Triangle to the forefront of the Greek community. There is so much I have attained this weekend that I can take back to my chapter”
-- Jeremy Coyle lou97

“This weekend has been incredible. I have had the opportunity to network with many brothers, active and alumni. Also the National Fraternity brought in two excellent facilitators to help us re-affirm our beliefs while creating focused visions to help my chapter succeed wherever we want. I am so excited to head back to Cincinnati and begin working with the chapter. This academy gave me the opportunity to identify some problem areas in our chapter and instilled in us the necessary tools to solve our own problems. Thanks again for helping to give me, and our chapter, this excellent experience.”
-- Adam Case cin01

“Being able to meet other brothers from around the nation lets me see that even though we go to different schools that we joined Triangle for a similar cause; that each of us wanted to get something more out of college than just an education, but also something more than friendships, a brotherhood that will last a life time.”

-- Steve Heimann mom97

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