On-site Member Development Program

Now in its fourth year the Educational Leadership Consulting Program has made a tremendous impact on the individuals, chapters and national organization of Triangle Fraternity. Through this proactive educational program, Triangle’s professionally trained staff is taking the Fraternity to the next level – organizational excellence built on individual member excellence.

Over the past three years this Foundation funded program has facilitated:

Over two-thirds of the chapters received a customized consultant visit from a trained professional staff member.

  • Specialized chapter programs such as chapter retreats, one-on-one leadership mentoring, and personal development seminars.
  • The development of a new Pledge Education Program based on providing individual skill training in areas that will better our members in all aspects of their lives.
  • The creation of curriculum focusing on specific leadership skills, and management techniques for incoming chapter presidents for the new President’s Academy leadership program.
  • Awareness, guidance, and focus on risk management issues, such as house safety, substance abuse, and individual responsibility.

This program insures the continued development of our individual members and foster continued chapter growth and development. By focusing on service to the individual member, the Fraternity is becoming stronger.

The results of these programs are very promising. The staff has received overwhelming support and appreciation for the programming that has been provided. In addition there are very clear results that point to this success.

Over the past two years we have seen a change in trends in both Triangle’s internal success as well as the Fraternity’s health in relation to other Greek organizations. Highlights of those trends include:

  • An increase in our average chapter GPA.
  • An increase in the number of chapters over a 3.0, which previously was on a decline.
  • An increase in the average chapter size from 28 to 32 men. Other fraternities have experienced declining numbers over the past 4 years.
  • An increase in the number of chapters, also on a decline in other fraternities.
  • The development and implementation of the Leadership Advantage program, which is geared towards improving the recruitment of quality young men.

Needless to say Triangle has accomplished much in a short period of time. There are plenty of opportunities to continue to excel and meet the needs of each of our members and chapters to insure each excels in their own right. The continuation of the Educational Leadership Program is a key to the success of Triangle and its brotherhood.

Undergraduate Comments

“You have opened eyes already…you have got the kindle burning and it is catching fire quickly...one can see it in the activities around the house and how excited people are on this year’s growth and how excited people are on the awards we are striving for.”

"I'd definitely say that the ELC program has been one of the best things for our chapter. The UCLA chapter was a small chapter when I first joined, and I met Dave Fleischhacker (a former ELC team member) during my pledge quarter. It was with Dave that we had workshops and programming, which from what I've heard hadn't happened in the recent past. Since then, we have grown from a group of 12 guys to around 25. With the constant advice of the ELC program, we're able to improve our programs. Personally, Dave's helped me feel more motivated about working for the chapter, and encouraged me to attend UIFI, which was a spectacular experience. Overall, I'd have to say that the ELC program has been a great influence on both myself and my chapter."

“In November, the active chapter spent two days and three nights discussing the present and future of the Missouri Mines chapter. With the enthusiasm and guidance of Br. Guido uwm96 (a former ELC team member), we successfully identified major problems facing the house and brainstormed steps to begin solving the problems.” – MOM Chapter President

“Early this semester the chapter received a visit from Guido, National Consultant for Triangle and an incredible brother all around. He sparked a lot of new life into the house and into this tired old president. From the entire house: Thank you Guido—keep up the good work.” – Armour Chapter President

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