On-site Member Development Program

The On-Site Member Development Program was reworked in 2019 to standardize and assess the coaching and programming support staff provides Triangle members. These changes streamlined communication between staff and members and provided qualitative feedback on staff interactions. Additional changes included educational programs on topics ranging from mental health to goal-setting, and integrated Triangles organizational assessment tool, the Pyramid.

Despite these changes the program still has the same core objectives: provide proactive educational support to Triangle members. This mission has driven staff delivery of programs and resources including:

·Educational workshops

·Officer transition processes

·Academic support programs

·Professional development workshops

·Curriculum for national programs

·Support for risk management initiatives

Member feedback on staff support has been overwhelmingly positive, and staff interactions have brought many Triangle leaders into the national discourse. Many of these members take on roles in national committees and boards, further developing their leadership skills.

Questions about the On-Site Member Develop Program can be directed to Drew Hopson at drew@triangle.org

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