Member Education Forum (MEF)

In January of 2008, Triangle launched the New Member Educator’s Forum. 35 actives representing 24 chapters and colonies attended this event held in Indianapolis. The curriculum was designed to meet several objectives, including: understanding the role of the new member educator, identifying key components for building a weekly new member education lessons, ensuring that hazing and “hell weeks” are eliminated, providing an opportunity for actives to share best practices, and to ensure that all of our active organizations are in compliance with the NIC Standards as voted and adopted at the 2007 Triangle National Convention.

The 2012 curriculum changed to be more inclusive, and was repeated in 2013. Instead of solely focusing on New Member Education, the facilitators added a component that focused on Membership Education. Specifically, providing quality educational programs for all members targeted at their specific needs. For example, part of the MEF curriculum explored programming options for upperclassmen that included career exploration, personal financial management, and career preparation. The leadership model for total member education that was introduced is based on the Wellness Wheel of educational programming.

Here is a sample of some of the learning outcomes/actions that have taken place after MEF:

  • ·New Member Educators have built a stronger network among themselves;
  • ·New Member Educators have contacted each other to seek advice/input from their peers about handling difficult situations, confronting inappropriate traditions, and sharing best practices;
  • ·New Member Educators feel more connected to the national leadership.Attendees are provided a 10 week template to all participants to ensure consistent training across the nation, following the same educational and ethics based curriculum.

MEF is beneficial to improving academic performance by:

  • ·Teaching the New Member Educators about integrity and upholding the Fraternity’s Code of Ethics, many of which complement the ethics taught in the classroom;
  • ·Time management (learning improved ways to manage time)
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