Financial Aid Programs

Foundation Scholarship Program

Nine needs-based scholarships and one graduate fellowship are currently available. With the exception of the Bye Scholarship all require a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0 necessary for consideration. The scholarship committee will consider need and active involvement within his Chapter, his campus and the community, and other criteria specific to each scholarship. Scholarships are available only to Triangles who will be undergraduates in the school year following their application, with the exception of the Kapadia scholarship which may go to either an undergraduate or a graduate Triangle, and the Larson Graduate Fellowship.


Foundation Emergency No-Interest Student Loans

The Triangle Education Foundation, through the generosity of Alumni brothers and others, is able to make a limited number of loans each year to deserving Active members of Triangle Fraternity to help them complete their education. Currently, $12,000 is available per year; the year begins on July 1. Applications which cannot be funded in a given year will be considered in the next.

Emergency No-interest Student Loans

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