Endowment Goal: $500,000

Life exists beyond the campus and chapter house walls. Preparing men for life beyond college comprises the final foundational side of the Campaign to develop a new generation of leaders. Efforts include:

New Regional Conferences: focusing on educational programming for upperclassmen. Training includes career exploration exercises, resume writing and interview skills, negotiating a job contract, preparing for graduate school or a full-time career. Emphasis is also given to cultivating a lifelong involvement in Triangle Fraternity.

Expanded Support of Volunteerism & Community Involement: using our membershp education programs, enhanced staffing and Chapter endowment Fundsyoung Triangles will have new opportunities to develop their volunteer skills to prepare themfor meaningful service to their communities during and after their undergraduate years.

New Diversity and Inclusion Initiative: In his 2002 address to the National Academy of Engineering, William Wulf stated, “I feel very, very deeply about this issue because I believe diversity in the engineering workforce is an absolutely necessity.” As companies become increasingly global, Triangle brothers can best succeed when they are prepared to collaborate with people of varying age, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, experience, and ability. This goal of this new training initiative is preparing our members to smoothly integrate into an increasingly diverse workforce.

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