Endowment Goal: $1,250,000

Our complex world demands highly educated professionals. Initiating new educational efforts and revitalizing dormant existing programs comprise important parts of the “foundation” side of the Campaign. This “foundation” portion of the campaign advances academic excellence and promotes serious scholarship among Triangle members. Efforts include:

New “Academic U”: a think-tank for undergraduate scholarship chairmen and alumni advisors who will share best practices and raise a national awareness of the importance of excellent scholastic achievement.

New Chapter Academic Grants:for campus-level education including seminars and resources designed to help members achieve superior classroom performance.

Restart Chapter Technology & Educational Space Grants: to ensure chapter houses incorporate quality study facilities as well as updated computer systems, software, Wi-Fi, etc

Expanded Financial aid: to ensure that no Triangle student leaves college because of insufficient financial resources. Assistance includes annual scholarships and zero-interest rate loans based on scholastic merit, need or other established criteria.

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