Endowment Goal: $4,750,000

Developing leaders that are prepared requires expanding potential leaders’ knowledge base along with their skills level. Educating the Triangle man comprises another important foundational side of the Campaign. The goal is to teach Triangle Men to become leaders who will enrich their communities through astute decision-making and values-based, selfless service to others. Efforts include:

Expanded Member Development Program: delivering chapter-by-chapter on-site educational resources to the entire undergraduate body. The program hinges on face-to-face contact between members and professional staff who advocate, coach and consult. Members gain valuable skills and insights by applying competent counsel to their everyday challenges.

Continuing Herbert Scobie Leadership School (HSLS): The original, biennial leadership institute for Triangle Fraternity that provides our youngest brothers with an invaluable introduction to leadership theory, necessary life skills and explorations of values and ethics rarely covered in the classroom.

New The Membership Education Initiative: to prepare Triangle men for “the real world,” key program content includes skill building in communications and presentation, personal financial management, cooperative teamwork, philanthropy and health and wellness. Full endowment will allow for a four-year comprehensive development initiative focused on building life skills and proper balance in the critical social, educational, physical and emotional development areas.

New Alumni Education and Training: to engage elder brothers in building the next generation ofleaders. Recruited and trained alumniwill serve as mentors for all active organizations and their members.

Expanded Chapter Endowment Funds: providing technology upgrades, chapter scholarships and leadership training program attendance sponsorships.

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