Week of Giving is LIVE!

Mon Feb 15 2021

Triangle's Week of Giving has officially started! We hope you'll join us all week for interviews, leadership sessions, on the scene reporting and Happy Hour! We also hope you'll make a gift at triangleweekofgiving.org

Monday at 7pm EST: Triangle Talk with National President Joe Cerrat os05. Click here to join!

Tuesday at 8pm EST: Leading and Communicating as a Tech Leader in a Post-Pandemic World with Geoff Mendal mich80. Click here to register!

Wednesday at 7pm EST: How the Triangle Building and Housing Corporation Makes Chapters Stronger with TBHC Chairman Dick Beaubien mich64. Click here to join!

Thursday at 7pm EST: Happy Hour hosted by Jon Kuderer msoe12 featuring Two Truths and a Lie with Triangle Staff. Click here to join!

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