Triangle Launches 2012 Regional Leadership Conferences

Tue Sep 04 2012

Triangle launched their 2012 Regional Leadership Conferences on September 15 at Colorado State. There were a total of five conferences held across the country this fall including Irvine, CA; Marquette, WI; Toledo, OH; and Houston, TX. The regional trainings offered the opportunity for Triangle members to attend a first-class Triangle training in their local area making it more accessible for those who can’t make it to Convention or Leadership school.

A Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) is like a mini National Convention, where brothers from around the host region can get together and learn about recruitment, leadership, fundraising, professional networking, and other related topics. These topics are part of the “Active Track” for the day. Additionally, there is an “Alumni Track” for regional alumni to come and participate in panel discussions on alumni organization dynamics, chapter housing, Triangle Education Foundation, and other ways to stay involved with our Fraternity. The biggest two components of the conferences were the Keynote Speakers and the CEO Leadership Panels where Actives and Alumni have an open panel discussion about life and leadership with successful Triangle Alumni Executive

Another big success at the RLCs has been our new partnership with Men's Wearhouse. We've enjoyed their "Dress for Success" workshops at each of our Regional Leadership Conferences this fall, as well as the great discount for those who attended.

Regional Leadreship Conferences are an excellent way to gather a large number of Actives and area Alumni together for a day of personal and professional development. For more information on Triangle Regional Leadership Conferences, please contact Mike Fouts, Director of Alumni Services at Triangle National Headquarters, 317-387-9641.

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