Triangle Education Foundation is Changing Lives

Tue Jan 15 2008

In a comprehensive research project started in December of 2007 the Triangle Education Foundation is pleased to say that the years of investments in educational and leadership programs are paying off and changing the lives of young engineers as planned. The research project took over 12 months to complete and is the first step in the formal evaluation process of the various programs the Foundation funds each year.

In cooperation with the Fraternity the Foundation hired Dr. Tom Jelke, an expert in higher education assessment, to provide quantitative and qualitative assessment of its programs and participants since their inception in 2001. Both the Fraternity and Foundation were enormously pleased with the final results.

The results of the data analysis indicate that the leadership programs are meeting or exceeding the vast majority of their desired outcome goals when it comes to providing participants with the leadership skills needed to run and elevate chapter programming. Participants believed their Triangle leadership training experiences made a significant contribution to their development as leaders during college, and after college - in their workplaces and communities.

While Triangle saw great numbers in the statistics it also spotlighted one area that needs additional attention. One of the major goals of the programming is to provide an increase in citizenship and community involvement we found that there was a very slight lack of connection in the programming and the intended outcomes. This information has been very valuable as Triangle continues to refine and improve its offerings.

But the bottom line is that we are hitting the mark on helping Triangle members excel as leaders with character and integrity. A highlight of the report is an observation Dr. Jelke made in his report: Triangle Fraternity's results, specifically when it comes to perceived leadership development impact, are among some of the best we have studied. These results indicate that you are hitting the targets when it comes to producing desired leadership development outcomes. Those outcomes also seem to persist beyond a participant's time in college.

We have a lot to be proud of and hope to use this information to continue to improve and build new programs that will make life long impacts on young men in the field of engineering, architecture and science. As always our success is due to the strong support we receive each year from all the alumni across the country.

To read a full version of the report, please click here to download a copy.

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