Supporting the Foundation through Appreciated Stock

Wed Jan 08 2014

Andrew and Renee are no strangers to the Triangle Education Foundation (TEF).They have faithfully donated to the TEF for the last 20 years and recently discovered a way to maintain their same level of generosity at a significantly reduced cost.They are now making their donations using securities that are worth now than when they originally purchased them and have been held for more than a year.

Andrew, a retired mechanical engineer, was employed at the same company for 35 years and like many employees, owned a lot of stock in his company.Andrew and Renee were starting to plan for retirement and diversity their portfolio.They were planning to sell their shares of stock until they learned they’d have to pay capital gains taxes.After talking to their financial advisor, they learned they could put the full value of their stock to better use by donating it to charity.

By donating their stock, Andrew and Renee realized several benefits:

·TEF would still receive the same (or more) financial support that they wanted to continue to provide

·They were able to give to TEF at a reduced net cost

·They avoided paying up to 24 percent in capital gains tax

Donating your appreciated securities to TEF is easy and can be accomplished in many ways.The most popular is a simple electronic transfer from your broker to ours.Your or your broker can call our Planned Giving office and request TEF’s account number and within a day, your gift may be complete.It is important that we are notified prior to every stock transfer in order to accurately identify, allocate and acknowledge your gift.

Brothers benefit significantly from your generosity- you should too!To learn more about giving gifts of appreciated securities and discuss the positive impact your gift can have on TEF’s programs and services, contact Amy Buchheit at 317-203-7759 or

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