The Chairman's Welcome

Dear Brothers & Friends,

Like many of you, I often wonder just how my gifts to the Triangle Education Foundation are making a difference. I know I am providing deserving members with the opportunity to participate in the many programs provided by Triangle, but I question if my gifts are really making a difference in the lives of these men and how many men are impacted.

When I took over the Chairmanship of the Foundation I made it a top priority to answer these two questions for our investors.I personally know from my attendance to several programs that they are quality and impactful, but I am an engineer and need data to validate what my eyes see.

During this past year we know via all the combined programs the Foundation funded we had meaningful interaction with over 80% of our 1,000 undergraduate men. In addition the Foundation awarded over $80,000 in scholarships and student loans to undergraduate brothers. I am very impressed with those numbers. We are impacting a substantial portion of our undergraduate population with our varied and professional programs.

So we are reaching a large percentage of our active membership, but to what effect? Several years ago the Foundation engaged a professional firm to analyze our programs and measure our success in achieving our desired outcomes. The results of the data analysis indicate that the leadership programs are meeting or exceeding the vast majority of their desired outcome goals when it comes to providing participants with the leadership skills needed to run and elevate chapter programming. Participants believed their Triangle leadership training experiences made a significant contribution to their development as leaders during college, and after college - in their workplaces and communities.

Bottom line, I am confident we are making a meaningful impact on Triangle men across the country and the numbers support it.With our efforts we are shaping futures and changing lives.Our final product is the development of our next generation of leaders.

Thank you to all my fellow brothers, parents and friends who have made gifts to Triangle, remembered us in their estate plans and donated their precious time.

We are making a real difference in our young men’s lives and we can’t do it without you!

In F, S, & C,

John Pritchard is82

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